Moodibars Christmas Candy Chocolate Variety

PREMIUM BELGIAN CHOCOLATE: All of our delicious chocolates are made in the USA with fine Belgian chocolate. From rich dark chocolate to creamy milk chocolate, each treat is made with the care and quality you deserve. Our family develops unique flavors that bring your taste buds to life!
18 HILARIOUS CHOCOLATES: Having a hard day after a long night? Feeling a different emotion every hour? We have you covered…in chocolate! Hilarious emojis for your wild and wacky personality. Clever emojis come to life on the wrappers of these chocolate squares – enough to satisfy your every whim!
UNIQUE GIFTING IN 2 CLICKS: We have thrown every delicious ingredient we could think of into this yummy chocolate tile pack and WOW – it’s incredible! This gift set is perfect for friends, family or loved ones for birthday, Christmas, Purim or Valentine’s Day. No matter their mood this gift will send smiles!

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