Awake Caffeinated Chocolate Energy Bites

Contains 300 – Awake Caffeinated Chocolate Bites
A delicious, convenient and effective alternative to coffee and energy drinks that give you focus and energy for work, school or studying
Each bite contains the caffeine equivalent of 1/2 cup of coffee with no bitter aftertaste

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Lindor Truffles Chocolates

Contains approximately 833 pieces
Discover the Landor truffle. Smooth, melting, luscious. When you break its shell, Landor starts to melt and so will you.
Perfect item to fill your candy dish or enjoy a moment of self indulgence.

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Lindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate Bar

A milk chocolate that is sweet, with rich cocoa notes
For the milk chocolate lover looking for slightly more cocoa taste
Expertly crafted by the Lindt Master chocolatier according to tradional Swiss recipes using only the finest quality ingredients

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Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles

15.2 oz. bag of approximately 36 individually wrapped truffles perfect for gifting, sharing, or savoring one at a time
Stock up on truffles to share at the office, bring to a party, or enjoy at home
Enjoy a classic milk chocolate flavor, inspired by our secret recipe

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Lindt LINDOR White Chocolate Truffles, Kosher

Each box contains 60 Lindor Stracciatella White Chocolate Truffles
A sophisticated take on cookies and cream for chocolate connoisseurs; Tiny bits of cocoa add the slightest hint of crunchiness to the creaminess of the white chocolate
Lindt delivers a unique chocolate experience offering a distinctly smooth and rich, gourmet taste

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Sanders Sundae

Contains (1) 20 oz jar
Make every dessert or ice cream treat better with a helping of creamy milk chocolate hot fudge!
This Creamy Milk Chocolate is made with only the finest ingredients from the Sanders kitchen, and is perfect as a topping for just about anything.

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Sun-Maid Chocolate Covered Raisins Snacks, Pure Milk Chocolate ‘n Peanut Butter Raisins

This pack contains 10, 2oz snack packs. A great size for snacking on the go!
The magic of chocolate combined with the goodness of raisins!
When you’re ready to indulge in Golden Sun-Maid raisins smothered in chocolatey goodness, we’ve got you covered.

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