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TCM PhotoBooth

Updated July 1, 2013

Why a PhotoBooth?

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Welcome to our newest addition to THE CHOCOLATE MALL, with the most exciting, fun-filled four hours you will ever experience at your event - the TCM Photo Booth Studio!

During a wedding reception in Northern Kentucky to provide one of our Grande fountains for a very special wedding, we saw the absolutely incredible buzz over the photo booth in the lobby. We watched with amazement as group after group poured into the photo booth for 4 hours nonstop, taking 4 pictures of themselves in all types of funny poses, only to come out of the booth laughing hysterically! Within 20 seconds they had two sets of high quality, glossy photo strips in their hands. The second photo strip was used to create a wedding scrapbook for the bride and groom which was given to them at the end of the reception!

The bride and groom had also used the photo booth service to provide each of their guests a personalized "Thank You" photo strip of themselves that was placed at every guest's table prior to their arrival! What an AWESOME idea! 

After further research, we found out that the photo booth service has been a super hit on the west side of the country for several years now and is now a big hit on the East Coast. We thought to ourselves-what better way besides our TCM chocolate fountain memories to provide lasting memories for our guests...but through photostrips! ... and so the
TCM PhotoBooth Studio was born. BUT - We added a twist! We saw how the guests waiting in line loved seeing their friends' photo strips. So we thought, why not let them watch the craziness while it happens! So we opened the booth into a combination photobooth / portrait studio -complete with green screen,  large portrait lighting and space for large groups! It has become an instant hit!!

THE CHOCOLATE MALL  began our chocolate fountain rental service business in Orlando, one of the most competitive markets in the country, over six years ago. Within one year we had surpassed all of the competition and had grown by leaps and bounds to take the entire Florida market  by storm. The TCM PhotoBooth will do the same by entertaining your guests with the same reliable, professional, and super-fun filled atmosphere as our chocolate fountains have done for the last six years.
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Photo Booths have taken the country by storm!

Do a Google search for the words "Photo Booth". You'll be amazed at the results! While you're at it, check out the prices they charge all over the country and then compare those prices to our discounted prices. Combine one of our beautiful chocolate fountains with the Photo Booth for a truly SPECTACULAR EXPERIENCE -

"Why should we rent a photo booth for our wedding reception?"
  • If you've already seen a photo booth in action at a wedding or other event, you already know the answer to this question. You can't miss the long lines of guests just waiting to have their pictures taken - FREE OF CHARGE - and as many times as they want - again - FREE OF CHARGE!
  • TCM PhotoBooths are a fantastic way to keep your guests entertained and are LOADS OF FUN!
  • The atmosphere at a wedding reception is exciting and full of energy. You will be there with all of your friends and family members - maybe even  those you haven't seen in a while. What better way to capture the moment by getting your photos taken inside the TCM PhotoBooth and then share the images with your guests.
  • Just as The Chocolate Mall chocolate fountain experience creates lifelong memories, so too will the TCM PhotoBooth create life long memories.  There is nothing better than to see who can make the goofiest 4 picture photo strip or to have a group of 10 old friends try to fit in the photo booth to have their pictures taken together!   
  • Personal Photographs also make for the perfect party favor. Although they might not admit it, even your most modest guest  would love to have a photograph of themselves to remember their experience. You'll want all of your guests to remember the great time they had at your wedding or other event.
  • What better way to say thank you to your guests for coming than to provide them with your own personallized photographic "Thank You for Coming". You can even personalize it with a customized message and overlays of your choice. Place your Thank You photo keepsake on the table for each guest to have when they arrive. They will love you for it!
  • How many of your friends can honestly say they had both a large chocolate fountain AND a photo booth at their wedding! Rent them both from us today and receive a HUGE discount!

HERE ARE THE 19 services you will receive from your TCM STANDARD ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE: (YES, we know there are 19 things listed, but we assure you, it's all included! You want your money's worth - we make sure you get every penny's worth!)

  1. Service Time - 4 Hrs of Exciting, Non-Stop, Unlimited Picture Taking!
This is actual EVENT time.  Your guests will have a great time snapping their photos the whole night! Add-on an extra hour for only $75.
  1. Very Large, Stylish Photo Booth
We provide you with an extra large Photo Booth so you can shoot an intimate self-portrait or a large group of up to 10! We'll even print  an instant photo strip for each guest! (additional photo strips - $1.00 ea. after 1st two.)
  1. Unlimited Photo Lab Quality Double Photo Strips for Your Guests
Unlimited photo sessions with double photo strips of each session during the event that print out in just over 10 seconds!
  1. Live Video Feed
Live View Monitor in the photo booth to ready yourself for that perfect pose!
  1. High-Tech Touch Screen Monitor
No low budget button pushing here - it's all done for you automatically on a State-of-the-Art 23" Touch Screen Monitor!
  1. Latest State-of-the-Art Photographic Equipment
Brand new DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Cameras from Canon, All-in-One HD Touch Screen computers and monitors, professional lighting and commercial quality dye sublimation printers that produce Photo-Lab quality prints in just over 10 seconds - at no extra charge.
  1. Larger Than Normal Photo Booth
Most booths are just large enough for 2 or 3 guests. Try a group shot with up to 10 guests in our booths!
  1. Real-Time Slide Show
Guests can enjoy watching a slide-show of other guests who have just had their pictures taken while they wait.
  1. Choice of Color, Black & White, or Sepia Prints
Every guest's choice of Color, Black & White, or Sepia for their photo strip
  1. Beautiful, Wedding Photo Album/Scrapbook
Created on the spot by your guests! You'll have a completed album of each photo strip of four photos plus a personallyhandwritten message added by your guests for you to cherish forever.
  1. Photo Lab Quality Prints
They are water resistant and dry instantly. We use a special dye sublimation ink that lasts practically forever, so you can show your current AND future great grandkids! Once outside the TCM PhotoBooth, your prints will be ready in just over 10 seconds!
  1. Access to Online Web Gallery
Once the event is over, we upload all photostrips and video to our online web gallery for viewing by you and your friends. You can download or reprint strips, individual pictures, purchase larger sizes, order movies, DVD's and lots more!
  1. Full Turnkey Operation
We arrive at least an hour before your event to set up the photo booth so everything runs smoothly when your special event begins.  Once your service is complete, our TCM PhotoBooth host will remove the photo booth and leave everything just as he found it upon arrival.  
  1. TCM Host Assistance 
Just as we provide our highly professional, highly trained, and professionally dressed TCM chocolatiers for all of our events, the TCM PhotoBooth will also provide the same outstanding service from our TCM host during the entirety of your event.
  1.   Take-Home Photo Slide-Show Disc
After your event, you'll receive a custom disc with  hundreds of photos taken by all ofyour participating guests. Get ready to laugh when you see what they surprised you with!
  1. Props & Gags
We provide you with all of the props and gags you'll need to keep your friends and family in stitches! You'll get all the goods. Goofy sunglasses, elegant boas, old-timey hats, mustaches and more. (certain props may incur an extremely nominal fee - some things you just can't share with others!)
  1. Customized Event Logos on Every PhotoStrip
We will customize each photo strip with the name of your event, date and logo that your guests will remember forever.
  1. Photo Storage on Back-up Flash/Thumb Drive Device
We will provide you with a copy of all of the photo strips taken during the event to ensure that you have a reliable backup of all of the photos of the event. If you purchase the optional video messaging, you'll receive a backup copy of those video clips as well.
  1.   We Travel Anywhere!
Just like The Chocolate Mall, if you need us, we'll be there! (Certain exclusions apply, i.e. your date and time requested his already taken, mileage surcharges may apply for long distances or outside the state of Florida.)
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If you find a lower price for the same product and/or service offered by any other competitor's website in a competing location, we'll MEET  AND  BEAT  their price BY 15%- WE GUARANTEE IT!

We encourage you to shop around before you make a decision. However, keep in mind that  there are huge differences between competitors in price vs. products and services received. Many vendors have 2 or 3 hour service times, they nickel and dime you on extras, use substandard cameras, printers and booths, not to mention the quality of albums, scrapbooks, CDs and videos that you will receive. We have seen the competition - it's a no-brainer, really... we know that when your shopping is complete, you'll find that we have the best prices, highest quality equipment, the coolest booths, the best selection of props and gags to use with your photos, and the most professional hosts who will ensure that your photo booth experience will be one to remember forever! We also specialize in video production and movie quality DVDs. We can convert all of your photo strips and video clips during the event into high quality, HD video movies, videos, and music videos.
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  • External Real-Time Live Video Feed Outside the Booth - $25
  • With an external monitor outside of the TCM PhotoBooth, all of the guests waiting to have their pictures taken can be entertained by those who are already inside the booth. They'll see all kinds of zany antics and crazy poses for the camera! And - who knows what else!!!
There's only one thing better than a photo to capture the moment forever - and that's VIDEO! We will provide each of your guests the opportunity to leave a 15 second video message following their photo strip session. Every video clip will be saved to create a DVD movie which will be presented to the host. We will also customize the movie to the event theme and the posts. Copies can also be provided for a nominal charge.
  •   Photo Guest Announcements - $.75 per guest
Prior to your event, send us a picture and message announcing your event and we'll create a customized postcard and send it to all of your guests.
  • Thank You Photo for Your Guests - $.75 per guest
Prior to your event, send us a picture and Thank You message and we'll create a beautiful customized Thank-You Photo and place it on the chair of each guest prior to their arrival at your event! Your guests will love you for it! We also specialize in video production and movie quality DVDs. We can convert all of your photo strips and video clips during the event into high quality, HD video movies, videos, and music videos.
  • Additional ServiceTime - $75
Our typical service time is 4 hours, but we'll go all night if requested.
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    We make it very simple with one standard package -
    Just add any extras items you'd like to have.



    25% OFF WITH Chocolate Fountain Rental !!

    TCM Photobooth Price with The Chocolate Mall
    Large or Grande Fountain with Dipping Items - $485!


    • Unlimited Video Messages:
      • 15 sec. $95 ,
      • 30 sec.  $145
      • Includes custom authored DVD of all video clips with music.

    • Real-Time External Video Feed - $25

    • Custom Edited Professional Movie DVD with Chapters - $250 Includes:
      • Photostrips
      • Video Clips
      • CUSTOM compilation Music Video of the evening.

    • Custom Photo Guest Announcements - $.75 per guest

    • Custom Thank You Photo for every guest - $.75 per guest

    • 7" Balloons with Guest's Color Photo - $3.00 each

    • Additional Service Time - $75/HR


    Basic Package Price Service Time Album/
    Photo Disc USB Drive Ext. Slideshow Booth
    Slideshow Disc
    The Chocolate Mall $649    4   YES  YES   YES   YES 1-20    YES
    PhoBooth $1500    3   YES   YES   NO    NO x ??   YES
    PicPod Photo Booth $750    3    NO   NO   NO    NO x ??    NO
    Photo Booth Stories $795    4  + $95 +$175 +$75    NO  1-3 + $175
    Treasure Coast Photo Booth $1200    4     YES +$200   NO    NO

     x ??

    + $200

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    WE'VE GOTTEN LARGER! We now have the LARGEST fountain OF ANY OF OUR COMPETITORS IN OUR INVENTORY- a 51", all digital, polished chrome, stainless steel, chocolate fountain. When combined with our exclusive TCM "Ever-Change" color transitioning electronic/real flame candles and our stunning dipping item display set, this is the fountain for those who really want to wow their guests with a truly SPECTACULAR display presentation! Place this fountain on our 12" mirrored pedestal and your fountain will stand over 8 feet tall on the table!!!

  • Free Fountain Specials! - We are the FIRST AND ONLY company to offer a second chocolate fountain free  with a second type of chocolate so you can offer your guests two chocolate choices  simultaneously for the price of one! Click on our Specials  page for details.

  • Amount of Chocolate - Bottom Line -  We offer unlimited chocolate with all of our fountain rentals - no hidden chocolate charges!*

  • Type of Chocolate - We offer several types of premium chocolate, including  Belgian, French, and American companies. We offer Callebaut, Guittard, Cacao Berry, Godiva, Ghiardelli, and more**. Just let us know which type you prefer, we'll do our best to provide it for you! 

  • Unlimited Skewers - Guaranteed - with all rentals, with or without purchased dipping items! No hidden charges!

  • Unlimited Plates and Napkins -  Guaranteed - with all rentals, when dipping items are purchased! No hidden charges!

  • Dipping Choices -  If you are looking for a full, turn key delivery including dipping items, we have the largest array of dipping items available for you to choose from. Please see the Dipping Items page for details.

  • Customer Service and Support - Our previous clients and customers can attest to our professionalism, quality, and enthusiasm when it comes to providing you and your guests with a memorable experience - AND - at least one owner is on site for each and every event to insure perfection at every step.  Please visit our Guest book link to read what others have said, as well as leave your own impressions. We'd love to hear from you!

  • Regularly Updated Web Site - As you can see, we update our web site on a regular basis, adding new specials and photos from our Photo Gallery, as well as bringing you the latest news and upcoming events on our News/Events page.

    Once you have decided that we can serve your needs, you can call us on one of the Chocolate Phone numbers listed below to discuss your event needs. For expedited service, you can click on the Order Form link from any page on our web site and provide us with the details of your upcoming event and we will contact you, usually the same day. We are very flexible to assist you with your personal needs and requirements. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

    Congratulations, and Best wishes,

    Lee and Sharon Hunt
    Owners, The Chocolate Mall
    Main - (561) 202-8460

    *   For time and number of guests specified.
    ** Some premium chocolates incur premium pricing. Call for details.
    THE CHOCOLATE MALL provides an extravagant offering for any type of event   and  an interactive way to entertain. These are just some of opportunities you can have to WOW your guests:

  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Sales Meetings
  • Baby/Bridal Showers
  • Corporate Events
  • Bat/Bar Mitzvahs
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Private Parties
  • Business Parties
  • Charity Events
  • Grand Openings
  • Business Luncheons
  • House Warming's
  • Sales Demonstrations
  • Many More!
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    The Chocolate Mall and Florida Fun Foods serve the following FL areas:
    Brevard - Barefoot Bay, Cape Canaveral (Port Canaveral), Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Grant, Indialantic, Indian Harbor Beach, Malabar, Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, Melbourne Village, Merritt Island, Palm Bay, Palm Shores, Rockledge, Satellite Beach, Suntree, Titusville, Viera, West Melbourne
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