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White Grande Fountain







White Grande Fountain

TCM Prices & Descriptions  


All fountains below include 3 hour actual service time, 2 hrs setup/teardown, one of our beautiful display presentations (see Photo Gallery for examples), unlimited skewers, at least one chocolatier to assist your guests (two are usually provided), and at least one owner on site at all times to insure you receive the most professional service.  All fountains are heavy duty, stainless steel, and commercial grade. Additional chocolate can be purchased to increase the number of guests served over the amounts listed below. Price is based upon size of fountain selected.

See detailed fountain descriptions and larger images below price table





Grande Fountain

"GRANDE" Fountain 51" Tall

Our latest & greatest! 51" (over 8  Feet tall on the table w/riser) 5 tiers, polished stainless steel, all digital control.

- feeds up to 350 guests


Large Fountain

LARGE Fountain 44" Tall

Over 7  Feet tall on the table!    5 tiers,stainless steel

- feeds up to 250 guests


Photo Coming Soon!

MEDIUM Fountain
36" Tall

6 Feet tall on the table! 4 tiers, stainless steel.

- feeds up to 150 guests


Photo Coming Soon!

 27" Tall

3 tiers, stainless steel,. 

- feeds up to 75 guests

Small Fountain

SMALL Fountain 20" Tall

3 tiers, stainless steel. 

- feeds up to 50 guests


Wedding Special


FREE 2nd fountain with 5 lbs of a 2nd type of FREE chocolate when renting "Grande" Fountain! (1/2 price if renting any other size fountain ) - feeds up to 50 guests (or more with added chocolate)

See Specials Link

TCM Wedding Reception - 300 Guests with Dual Lines

Updated August 15, 2011

We have five sizes of chocolate fountains for Full-Service chocolate fountain events. Please review the descriptions and select the fountain best suited to your needs.

51" Grande Chocolate Fountains - $595.00
Our newest addition to The Chocolate Mall family is also the latest in technology, innovation, and quality, which translates to the finest quality product for you, our client. Our 5 tiered Grande chocolate fountains stand 51" tall, stand over 7 1/2 feet tall  when on the table!  This fountain is truly unequalled  when looking for the most beautiful display presentation for your guests. This is truly the "Rolls Royce" of chocolate fountains. They come standard with enough premium chocolate for up to 350 guests, but can serve hundreds more with additional chocolate or multiple fountains. Our "Grande" chocolate fountain has a 21" wide base and is over four feet tall, and towers above the rest of the field. Placed on our beautiful 12" bevel mirrored platform, it is truly a magnificent image of pure elegance, reaching over 8 feet from the floor!. We offer many discrete custom packages for those very special customers who wish the ultimate in perfection! ALSO - don't forget to take advantage of a free 2nd chocolate fountain! (see our Specials page for details)

44" Large Chocolate Fountains - $495.00
Our 5 tiered Large Chocolate Fountains stand 44" tall, stand over 7 feet tall when on the table,  and are excellent for those looking to rent a chocolate fountain for large weddings, corporate events and large parties. They come standard with enough premium chocolate for up to 250 guests, but can serve hundreds more with additional chocolate or multiple fountains. Our Large chocolate fountain has a 20" wide base and is just under four feet tall, providing the perfect look when covered in mouth-watering, flowing chocolate. Whether your event is for 250 or 2500 guests, when you rent our "Grande" chocolate fountain, we know you will absolutely revel in it's decadent chocolate! In most markets, we can bring multiple chocolate fountains for events using different types and/or colors of chocolate which will really give your presentation that extraordinary look. Don't forget to take advantage of our "Wedding Specials"! (see our Specials page for details)

Double Line Configuration

36" Medium Fountains - $425.00
Our 4 tier medium fountains stand 36" tall and are perfect for most weddings, parties and office events. Unless you are looking for that "WOW" factor, we don't generally recommend that you rent a single, medium chocolate fountain for over 150 guests  unless purchasing additional chocolate or fountains. You can, however, rent two medium fountains or one or more Large or "Grande" chocolate fountains to achieve that special effect and lasting memories  for all of your guests.  OR -  this would be a great time to take advantage of our "Wedding Special"! (see our Specials page for details)

27" Medium/Small Fountains - $345.00
Our medium/small chocolate fountains are excellent for large home parties, birthday parties, or parties with around 75 to 100 guests. They stand 27" tall and have 3 tiers of flowing chocolate. Our medium/small fountains are made of commercial grade, stainless steel with a heavy duty motor. Here's where you could really make the most of our 2nd chocolate fountain at half price! (see our Specials page for details)

20" Standard Fountain - $195.00
Our standard chocolate fountains are excellent for home parties,birthday parties, or for those on a smaller budget. Our stainless steel, commercial grade heavy duty fountains stand 20" tall and have 3 tiers of flowing chocolate for up to 50 guests. Here's where you could really make the most of our 2nd chocolate fountain at half price! (see our Specials page for details)

Sampling of Dipping Items

The "TCM  Deluxe Package"

The TCM "Deluxe Package" is FREE with all chocolate fountain rentals and features :

  • Unlimited Premium French or Belgium Chocolate for amount of guests and time specified.

  • 1 or 2 Professional, enthusiastic chocolatier attendants (one chocolatier guaranteed, two chocolatiers usually attend when available).

  • 3 Hour actual event time, plus 1 hr before and after the event for set up and break down.

  • Free delivery, prior set up, take down, and removal.

  • Unlimited skewers.

  • Plates, and napkins, upon request, when dipping items are purchased.

  • Custom Decor and Lighted Display for the fountain, using our exclusive "TCM Ever-Change" multi-color transitioning real flame candles and lights. Several  types of lighting are available to choose from.

  • Your choice of decor display, from many styles and colors of fabrics available to represent your event theme.
  • CLICK THIS LINE to book your fountain on the Order Form page.

    Questions?  Call us any time if you have questions.

    Main - (561) 202-8460 

    We'll custom build your package and answer any questions you may have.

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    Additional Information

    The total balance is due two (2) months prior to the event. Due to the large number of advance bookings, a retainer fee of $200 is required at time of booking  along with the signed rental agreement and invoice.   This will insure confirmation of your booking date.  You may pay by personal check, cashier's check, or money order.

    You may cancel at any time up to two (2) months prior to the event and receive a full refund of the amount paid. If you cancel any time after that up to five (5) days prior to your event, fifty percent (50%) of the amount paid will be refunded. Should you cancel five (5) days prior to up to the day of your event, one hundred percent (100%) of the amount paid  will be forfeited.

    We will do everything possible to work with you if you need to postpone or re-schedule. However, keep in mind that we schedule events in advance. The staff of The Chocolate Mall will make every effort  to refund all or a portion of the down payment if we are able to secure another event in your date/ time slot provided sufficient prior notice is given or if mitigating circumstances warrant such.

    Again, call or email us as soon as you realize there may be a problem. We will try our best to work around your situation. Our cancellation policy is not intended to keep your hard earned money, but more to effectively manage our time and yours. We will do everything in our power and within reason to avoid imposing this penalty if possible. Our primary goal is to provide you with a most memorable fountain event.

  • Attending chocolatier time is billed at $40 per 1/2 hour for additional time.

  • Additional chocolate is available if desired in increments of  5 lbs. @ $35.00). Let us know prior to the event if you would like or need additional chocolate.

  • Premium chocolates, ie. Godiva, are available by special order at an additional cost. Three week lead time is requested.

  • Certain dipping items on the Dipping Items page are seasonal and are subject to additional pricing. Please check the Dipping Items page first when ordering Dipping items to receive the most current updates.

  • All dipping foods on the Dipping Items page are subject to prior approval by The Chocolate Mall, as certain foods may crumble and cause a disruption in the flow of chocolate while the unit is in operation. Please call prior to ordering your own dipping items to receive the latest information.

  • Please be aware of peanut allergies that some of your guests may have.

  • Discounts are available for multi-fountain rentals, multiple events, and weekday events. See Specials Page for details

    Call us, or click here to request more information on our chocolate fountains today!

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