One Large Milk Chocolate Fountain
An exclusive Private Invitation only Chocolate Diamond sales event to select customers held at Jared Galleria of Jewelry.

One Large Pink Chocolate Fountain
An 80th Birthday Celebration with a Large Pink Fountain.

A TCM Wedding Special
A great example of a TCM display presentation using lead crystal and the TCM "Ever-Change" transitioning candles! You'll never get this beautiful look from your dipping items caterer!

Small Cocolate Fountain
A small 50 guest weeding using a TCM small size chocolate fountains.



Last updated 8/21/11

Click on any of the videos on this page to sample just a few of the many TCM Chocolate fountain events we have had over the last 6 years. Every video or photo on these pages and our website were actually shot on site by one of the TCM chocolatiers. We have provided our famous award winning chocolate fountains for movie stars, world famous singers, corporate giants, Mickey, 3rd grade school parties, graduations, High School Reunions, Bar/Bat-Mitzvahs, Wedding Shows and Receptions, political rallies, and the list goes on and on....

We also guarantee the highest degree of discretion for our guests who require strict confidentiality!

We just began work on this new style of photo gallery that we hope you will enjoy more than just staring at pictures on our previous gallery. Let us know what you think. For now the length of each video to 30 seconds. You can pause the video at any time and drag the slider control to fast forward or rewind. Use the FULL SCREEN button on the far right to view in videos in full screen mode.

We add more videos regularly, so stop in often! Also, if you see a theme on one of the videos you'd like to have at your event, just let us know!

Two Large Milk and White Fountains
This video is of one of Orlando's rich and famous couples throwing a private party for their guests.

Large Fountains - Milk, Dark, and White
This 3- Chocolate Fountain extravaganza featured THREE LARGE chocolate fountains - one white, one milk, and one dark chocolate - on a 30 foot table with fruit trees on each end. This Saudi Wedding featured sword swinging dancers, full production and was truly a spectacular wedding reception to behold!


One Large White Chocolate Fountain
This video features one of our beautiful large fountains with white chocolate for one of our wedding couples.


Two Small Milk and White Fountains
Two of our small TCM fountains at a Graduation Party!


One Large Milk Chocolate Fountain With Dual Serving Lines
One of our very large 300 Guest Wedding Receptions located in Tampa.


One Large Dark Chocolate Fountain
One of our largest Wedding Receptions with 500+ Guests (Pt.1 of 2)


One Large Dark Chocolate Fountain
One of our largest Wedding Receptions with 500+ Guests (Pt. 2 of 2)


One Large Dark Chocolate Fountain
Some TCM Video footage of the Indian Wedding Reception


One Large Milk Chocolate Fountain
Jared Galleria of Jewelry Chocolate Chocolate Diamond Private Viewing


One Large Milk Chocolate Fountain
Wedding Show, Wyndam Resort, Orlando, FL


One Large Milk Chocolate Fountain
Catholic Convention, Orlando, FL

We keep adding videos so check back often!

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