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What good would a glorious  fountain, flowing with scrumptious  chocolate,  be if you don't have anything to eat it with?


The TCM Deluxe Dipping Items Packages

  • THE TCM STANDARD DIPPING PACKAGE (6 items) - $2.50/guest
  • PREMIUM DIPPING ITEMS (See below)- .50 per item per guest
  • DIPPING ITEMS DISPLAY SET (When TCM Dipping Items not purchased - See Below)- $99.95

You will receive the following with the TCM Standard Dipping Package:

1. The Standard Dipping Items Package  - Strawberries, Pineapple, Pretzels, Marshmallows, and Bananas, PLUS -

2.  One additional “Chocolatier’s Choice” dipping item at no charge - to say "Thank You" - for a total of 6 dipping items - PLUS -

3.    Your choice of the following Platters,Bowls, Candle Sticks, and Skewer Holders to match the spectacular look of your chocolate fountain display:

  • 24% lead crystal
  • Polished Silver
  • White Porcelain


4.      Unlimited plates, napkins, and skewers for the number of guests and time specified!


Should you decide not to have us take care of all of your chocolate fountain needs by providing your own dipping items, you'll have to provide all of the platters and bowls for your dipping items. Your caterer will charge over double the price for the same dipping items and won't provide beautiful matching lead crystal, polished silver, or white porcelain bowls and platters like The CHocolate Mall will.

Fortunately, you can still maintain that complete, spectacular display presentation The Chocolate Mall is famous for by selecting our Dipping Items Display Set, which  includes all of the beautiful platters, bowls, and other containers needed for your dipping items, in your choice of 24% lead crystal, polished silver, or white porcelain. You will also receive unlimited skewers, napkins, and plates for your guests. Otherwise, the caterer may provide containers that do not match the look and feel of your chocolate fountain table presentation and theme.

TCM Standard Dipping Package Items

Consists of the following dipping items

based on those items most frequently requested.  
















You may substitute one or more of the items above for another dipping item below (items in Premium Dipping Items table at additional cost).

Premium Dipping Items 

 additional .50 per item per guest

(ex. 100 guest x 1 premium item = $50.00)

If you are looking to really wow your guests by going above and beyond the normal offerings that most caterers and other vendors provide, you can offer your guests  one or more of the Premium Dipping Items in the table below.

* Seasonal - Subject to availability    ** Premium Item
(Closest substitutions made when item not available, at discretion of The Chocolate Mall)

Coconut Macaroons**

Cheesecake Squares**

Cream Puffs**


Rice Krispie Treats**

Mini Cinnamon Rolls**

Lady Fingers*

Peanut Butter Cookies*



Milano Cookies**


Fruit Dipping Delights





Apple Slices


Chocolate Chip

Ginger Snaps

Vanilla Wafers

Oreo Cookies**

Donut Holes**

Oatmeal Cookies**

Meringue Cookies

Tea Biscuits

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies**

Sugar Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies

Chocolate Cookies

Other Dipping Delights


Ritz Crackers

Graham Crackers



Animal Crackers

Potato Chips/Pringles


Jelly Orange Slices

* Seasonal - Subject to availability    ** Premium Item
(Closest substitutions made when item not available, at discretion of  The Chocolate Mall)


For dipping items to use in caramel or cheese fountains, call us for details and pricing.

NOTE: Because certain foods may not be of the proper consistency and can fall into the fountain base and cause a malfunction or separation of the flow of chocolate over the fountain, all dipping items are subject to pre-approval by The Chocolate Mall.

In addition, some items may not be available (seasonal) or require a surcharge. Please call for an update on availability.

NOTE: Keep in mind that when dipping items containing peanuts/nuts or derivatives of those items are ordered, allergen sensitive guests may have a negative reaction.  Please be aware of this and make sure your guests are aware also. We will have signage on the table denoting these items when applicable, and will make every effort to let your guests know about these items, but take no responsibility for insuring that your guests are aware of the presence of these types of foods.

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