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In today's world, more and more couples are creating a new tradition by having chocolate fountains at their wedding receptions. Chocolate fountains are becoming mainstream in many cultures, such as seen in Indian weddings, where in many cases the chocolate fountain has replaced the cake. The couples are photographed biting into each other's chocolate covered strawberries held by beautifully decorated metallic skewers!

Still others aren't sure whether they want a traditional cake, a chocolate fountain, or both. Let us help you take some of the frustration out of your decision.

We want to assist you to understand the choices you have to make. Of course, budget plays a role in your decision. So, as you plan your wedding, you may consider having only the traditional wedding cake, you may wish to have a chocolate fountain, or you may wish to enhance the beauty of your wedding cake at your reception with the addition of one of our beautiful flowing chocolate fountains from The Chocolate Mall. We believe you will win in any of these situations.

More and more couples are deciding to enhance their traditional wedding cake with a beautiful chocolate fountain. You will be amazed at the large number of compliments and adulation you'll receive for having a large chocolate fountain catered by the chocolatiers from The Chocolate Mall!

  • Some couples have added a large chocolate fountain from The Chocolate Mall as their choice for their appetizers, since the guests are able to eat several dipping items covered with our delicious chocolate (usually 5 or more items are offered - see our Dipping Items Page.

  • Some have a large chocolate fountain as a separate choice for guests to use throughout the reception in addition to appetizers.

  • Still others have used a large chocolate fountain along with a smaller white chocolate fountain for both the appetizers and for use throughout the entire reception, followed the traditional wedding cake as desert.
We are pleased to announce a Special Wedding Package for those couples who are planning their weddings. Visit our Specials page to read about all of our current specials, including our "2nd Fountain for Free! Special". This is a limited time offer, so call now or go to the Request Info Page and complete the order form and submit it to us to reserve your wedding date on the TCM calendar! That all there is to it!

Hopefully you have a good idea of what your choices are and you can make a decision about what is best for you. That's why many couples today turn to the chocolate fountain. Again, you will be extremely happy with either choice, we're sure.

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